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Read on to learn several tips & tricks which will help you familiarize yourself with our user-friendly and intuitive website creation system.

Creating a website easily
Editing a website

Move your mouse over what you want to edit.

Type text the same way you do in Microsoft Office or in Notepad. Just select the text you wish to edit and start typing.

Clicking on an element opens its control panel

Text fromatting icon

Text formatting

Change the typeface, size, weight, color and other attributes of your text.

Layout and position icon

Layout and position

Set padding or maximal width, align text, add columns and more.

Element appearance icon


Change an element's visual appearance to your preference using various options.

Formatting a website
Change text size on website
Change text color on website
Change text typeface on website

... discover
further options!

Website built from sections

Your website
consists of sections

Sections are the building blocks of your website. They span the width of the website and hold within all other elements. An existing section can be edited by clicking anywhere on the section or on the "Section" button.

Selecting a section of a website

A new section is created by clicking on the "+" button located in-between existing sections.

Add section to website button

Add and organize content

Add content to your website. You can add elements to columns and move them by holding down your mouse button and dragging.

Selection a website element
Adding and moving a website element

Save your changes

Clicking the save button saves all your changes. However, these changes will only show up on your website after you click "Publish"—this way you can ensure your website is perfect before you reveal it to the world.

Website controls

Add pages to your website

Add new pages to better organize your website's content. Less is sometimes more — adding pages can reduce clutter and help visitors navigate your website better.

Add pages to website

Choose a new template

Not too fond of your current template? Try a different one. Be careful though, changing the template will irreversibly delete your website's content.

Change website template

Change your website's colors

Replacing the default template colors with your personal favorites takes only a couple of clicks and makes your website feel unique.

Change website colors

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