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I. Basic controls

The tools you need the most are in the main menu.

web page menu

Certain tools are always kept at hand. Undo or redo an action, save your changes, preview your website and several other options are always easily found in the main menu at the top of the screen.

Use your mouse to see what can be edited.

Moving your mouse pointer over an element which you wish to edit highlights it with a bright blue frame.

basic website controls

Clicking on an element brings up its editing panel.

The editing panel holds all the necessary tools by which you can edit a given element. Find out more below.

clicking on a website

II. The structure of your website

Your website consists of sections

Sections are the building blocks of your website. They span the width of the website and hold within all other elements. An existing section can be edited by clicking anywhere on the section itself or on the corresponding "Section" button,

web section button

... while a new section is created by clicking on the "Add section here" button located in-between existing sections.

button add section to web
website section structure

Sections contain wrappers which, in turn, contain text-boxes.

Every sections contain wrappers whose purpose is to group up elements. By clicking on the corresponding "Wrapper" button, you can—among other things—adjust its alignment, color, layout, duplicate it or delete it entirely.

controls website section cover text
web page cover structure
web element adding structure

Titles, text, pictures, buttons ... and everything else

Textboxes—serving as an area for titles, texts, pictures, buttons and other things—can be created inside wrappers by clicking on the "Add element" button...

add element button to web

The contents of a textbox can be formatted, its color, layout, margins and alignment can be adjusted, and hyperlinks can be created. They can be deleted or copied as a whole. For some elements, unique options are available—such as inverting the colors of a button.

All elements can be moved and their margins can be adjusted by dragging.

If you wish to change the location of a certain element, grab it by the drag & drop icon and move it wherever you wish to place it.

Move button

The upper and lower border of every element holds inner and outer margin handles. To adjust the element's margins, grab the handle with your mouse and drag vertically.

edge button

For some elements, a maximal width can be set by dragging the handle located on the right side of the element's border.

maximum width button
web page move element structure web page margin padding structure

III. Editing elements

Content is written the way you're used to...

web page editing structure

Text is written the same way it's done in Microsoft Office or in Notepad. Everything is intuitive and free of redundant steps. Just click on the text you wish to edit, and start writing.

web content editing panel

The textbox editing panel has a wide spectrum of editing options.

Text formatting, color, layout and margin adjustment, creating a copy or deleting the element entirely is done by clicking on the corresponding icon in the uppermost part of the panel.

main edit buttons
global style settings

The entire textbox's content can be aligned by clicking on one of the corresponding icons in the "Align" section.

alignment buttons

The "Global style" option allows you to choose one of several pre-defined visual styles for a given element.

invert button

By clicking on "Invert", the color setup of some elements can be inverted (e.g. button colors).

setting the maximum width

An exact value for the maximal width of an element can be set here.

edit text button

Clicking on the "Edit" icon opens the text formatting menu.

formatting buttons

Text you've highlighted with your mouse can be made bold, italic, or underlined.

text type settings

The text type differentiates between general text, subtitle text and title text. You can select a unique font typeface for each category.

global edit buttons

The entire textbox's font size, font weight, line height, and letter spacing can be adjusted globally.

hyperlink settings

Highlighted text can be made into a clickable link by attaching an external url to it, or by linking it to one of your website's sections.

set the text color

Last but not least, an arbitrary color can be set for any text. Highlight the text the color of which you wish to adjust and choose your desired color in the "Text color" panel.

To revert your changes, click the "Revert color" button.

section edit panel

The section editing panel offers several other editing options.

You can choose a background color for a given section by clicking on the "Background color" button. If you wish to place an image in the background instead, you can do so by clicking on the "Add a background image" button.

web page background set inserting an image into web pages

Each section has its own name - you can choose it freely. If you don't set it yourself, the section will be assigned a code. You can link to a section from other parts of the website using its name.

cover editing panel

The wrapper editing panel

The structure of your content can be altered here. Each wrapper can be divided into 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns.

setting the number of columns

Wrappers can be stretched to span the width of the containing section.

showing full screen

Content can be aligned vertically by clicking on one of the corresponding icons.

adjust vertical column alignment

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