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Wedding Website

Present your story. A wedding website not only makes an impression, but also simplifies planning.

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Place and time, dress code, gift registry, or the wedding day's timeline. All together.

A wedding website makes it easy to share information such as the wedding day timeline, the location of the wedding, travel and accommodation options, photography planning, or the entertainment that awaits – just about anything you need.

Let your guests RSVP online

Make preparations easier not only for yourself, but also for your guests. Ask them anything via a smart online form – from dinner preferences to accommodation wishes.

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Create a gift registry

Being thankful brings us closer – your family and friends will cherish the opportunity to gift you something you truly desire.

Wedding website gift registry

Build excitement

Put together a timeline of the day. Arouse curiosity with photos from the preparations. Share details that will make your big day unique – let everybody see there's a lot to be excited about.

Wedding website wedding day timeline

Share your memories

Let your close ones peek into your mutual story. Upload photos capturing your favorite memories to your wedding website and share your unforgettable moments.

Don't hesitate to publish your website – it can be edited at any time, even after ordering!

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Sort out the details

Now is the time to cling to details! Drive your wedding website to perfection with custom colors, texts, typefaces, or photos – anything can be personalized.

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Choose a wedding template

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Wedding website

Wedding website template

Wedding website

Wedding website template

Wedding website

Wedding website template

Wedding website

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Create your wedding website today. Publish whenever you're ready.

Creating your wedding website will only take minutes. No need to hurry, though – you can publish whenever you wish, right away or a month later.

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