How to create a website?

In today's era, technology is leaping forward at the speed of light, and thus creating a website no longer requires significant financial costs or time effort. With us, you can create your own website in a few minutes.

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Jak vyvořit vlastní web – Návod
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You can easily create a website directly in the browser

In the past, creating websites was a task for experts. Thanks to advanced technology, you can create and manage a website yourself, even from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Step 1

Choose a website template

For an easy start, choose from a wide range of website templates, which are thematically adapted to various needs - small businesses, freelancers, artists, photographers, and many others. However, don't be afraid to engage your creativity and completely transform the selected template according to your ideas.

How to choose a website template

Step 2

Replace images and rewrite texts

Customize the content of your website - describe what you do and upload your own photos. Don't forget to add contact information ;)

Step 3

Fine-tune your website

Colors, images, layout, font – you can adjust everything as you like. In our Academy, we also reveal how experienced designers look at website design.

Ikonka nastavení webových stránek Ikonka nastavení webových stránek
Jak vytvořit lepší webové stránky

Step 4

Publish your website

When you're satisfied with the result, just click on Order, fill out the order form, and connect your own domain.

Don't be afraid to publish your website – you can modify it even after ordering!

Jak vytvořit a publikovat webové stránky


Edit anytime, even from mobile.

From a computer, tablet, or phone. Update information, change colors, upload images, or replace entire sections - you have complete freedom in edits.

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