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Your own website
with a custom domain name

Create your own website at an affordable price! Choose a custom domain name and present yourself and your ideas online.

anywhere and anytime

Don't wait for anything! Edit your website quickly and intuitively without having to learn to code.

On your phone, your tablet,
or your computer

The use of smartphones and tablets has become widespread. We optimize your website to ensure it displays correctly on any device!

Swift and smooth browsing

We'll take care of code and data optimization to improve not only your websites's loading speed, but also your visitors' browsing experience.

Piece your
website together

Having researched dilligently the content presented on websites the most, we've designed a variety of pre-made sections for you to piece a website together from.



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Perfect pictures –
Flip. Edit. Crop.

Catch your visitors's eye by editing your pictures to perfection.

Intuitive approach
to editing

Click on an element to edit it. Type text directly — from any device.

Search engine

Set custom titles and subtitles, a friendly URL, or the H1 heading to improve your SEO rank.

creative space

Shape your website to your vision — whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional.

Get started with templates.

Choose one of our designer-made templates to get started within minutes. Or start from scratch — you'll always be able to edit your website freely.

A website template for wedding announcement A website template for photographers A website template for bakery A website template for a cafe
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Class is in session — attend Academy.

We'll walk you through everything — from basics to advanced principles. Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of creating your own website. Attend our free lessons to make yourself a saywebpage professional — new lessons are added every couple of weeks!

More than 10 000
live websites

Saywebpage is trusted by thousands of people who have used it to create their websites. See what they think!

"For me, Saywebpage is an obvious choice. A quick start with a simple and intuitive content management at minimal expense in comparison to usual made-to-order websites. At the very least, Saywebpage should be considered by up-and-coming companies and start-ups."

A customer's review of the service

Petr K.

"Beautiful templates, easy editing and an elegant way to create your website quickly! I'm utmost satisfied and thrilled to use it. Fully recommended!"

A customer's review of the service

Simča B.

"I first tried Saywebpage when looking for a simple and inexpensive way to make my own website. Now I can safely say I've made the right choice. I can edit my website according to my current needs anytime. The customer support deserves my full appreciation, too."

A customer's review of the service

Andrej R.

"To sum it up in in a single word–amazing. Creating a wedding website has helped me greatly with organisation and planning. What's more, our wedding guests were extremely pleased with the ease of access to information and the photo gallery."

A customer's review of the service

Lucka H.

"It has been a couple of years since I've created my website using Saywebpage. To this day, they're still a valuable asset."

A customer's review of the service

Marek R.

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