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Start by choosing a template

Choose one — any one — of our web templates. The idea is to base your website from the ground up on a visually unified and good looking foundation — with little effort.

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All editing is done directly on your website.

After and choosing a template, your website is under your control. Change anything you wish, or leave everything as it is — publish your website right away and sort the details out later.

Typing works the way you'd expect — highlight the text you wish to overwrite with your mouse pointer and start typing.

Editing your website by clicking

Hover over what you wish to edit.

Moving your mouse in the editing interface highlights the individual elements of your website with a blue border — so that you know exactly what you are about to edit.

Click to open the control panel

Clicking on an element opens its control panel. The control panel is where all editing options regarding the given element are found.

Website basic options Basic options

Website visual options Visual options

Website formatting text Text formatting

Website duplicating an element Duplicate an element

Website layout and position Layout and position

Website deleting an element Delete an element

Reorder elements by dragging

Any element of your website can be reordered within its parent element. Grab the handle with your mouse, drag, and drop.

Dragging and dropping elements on a website

Save periodically, publish when ready.

Save your website via the "Save" button in the main menu on the top of the window. Preview it by clicking on "Preview". When you're ready to share your website with the world, click on "Publish".

Saving you website Preview your website Publish your website

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