Learn to write text in a way that not only informs, but also appears professional and is easy to read.

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Titles, subtitles & paragraphs

Brief and concise titles titles attract attention — they help your visitors find the information they're looking for. Dividing text into smaller sections using titles, subtitles, and paragraphs render your website substantially cleaner.

Titles, subtitles, or paragraps can be added to any columns using the button.


Within a single seciton, use titles and paragraphs of similar lengths — visually balanced content is easier to read.

Alignment, width & text layout

It is easier to read left-aligned text, since every line starts in the same place and thus the reader immediatelly knows where to look.

Editing your website by clicking

Center- (left-) aligned text is best used only for short blocks of text — lone titles and brief paragraphs.

Identically aligned text is immediatelly recognized as a group. Align paragraphs and their titles identically — it isn't recommended to use mixed alignment within a single column.

Pre dlhšie bloky textu používajte zarovnanie doľava Align longer sections of text to the left

Align elements which belong together identically

Wide sections of text are difficult to read. Optimally, a line should be 50—70 characters long. This makes continuing onto the correct line (and not skipping one) easier for the reader.

Text width can be easily limited by dragging the handle.

Text color

Before you delve into text formatting, decide what colors you wish to use on your website.

Website element color

Less is sometimes more. Your website will appear more elegant if you limit yourself to a primary, secondary, and accent color with a 60:30:10 use ratio.

Farebnosť webovej šablóny

Afterwards, apply the color palette to your text.

Use the secondary color for your text if you're using a primary colored background (and vice versa).

For paragraphs on bright (dark) backgrounds, use a lighter (darker) shade of your title color.

Use your accent color for emphasised parts of text, for hyperlinks, and for buttons.

Consider readability! Your text will be difficult to read if its contrast with the background is too low.

Text style

A unified text style not only appears elegant, but also makes your website cleaner. For your titles (subtitles, paragraphs), try to use a single

Website typeface typeface

Website line height line-height

Website font size size

Website letter spacing letter-spacing

Website font weight weight

Website texrt color color


All templates come with predefineds tyle — you don't have to worry about them.


Your titles and subtitles can be further decorated. Nevertheless, it still holds that less is sometimes more — visual emphasis only really works when it's used sparingly.


Don't overfill your website with text! People prefer reading brief paragraphs to tedious pages of text.

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