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Create your own website—low-cost and hassle-free.

A website with a custom domain name

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Your own domain

Create a low-cost website with a custom domain name. Choose the name of your website–and its content–entirely yourself. Read more.

Edit wherever and whenever

You don‘t have to wait for anybody. Edit your website easily and intuitively with no need to learn programming. Read more.

Short loading times

It is our belief that minimizing the code and data sources of your website ensures not only its short loading time, but most of all a better overall user experience. Read more.

Accessible from any device

More and more people use smartphones or tablets. We make sure your website is always displayed properly on all devices.

Everything you need to create an amazing website.

We believe the number one purpose of a website is to make crucial information readily available to anybody who may need it. Particulary sought-after are contact information, opening hours, offered services and the general look of a business.

All in one place

An enterpreneur who takes his business seriously should–taking into account the digital age–make such information available in an accessible way. So that creating a website doesn‘t cost a fortune, we‘ve developed Saywebpage.

Creating web pages on laptop
Creating web pages on the desktop
creating web pages on your mobile
creating web pages on your mobile
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Ease of use

Editing your website is easy and intuitive–typing works the same as it does in Microsoft Office, or Notepad. Just click on the text you wish to edit and start typing.

Take the uppermost positions in search engine results

Our website management system is build from the ground up in accordance with requirements regarding search engine optimization (SEO).

Setting titles, subtitles and headings

We provide full control of key elements for correct On-page SEO practice. Choosing an optimal website title along with optimal heading settings–mainly the H1 heading–is considered to be one of the key factors of SEO.

Functional on all devices

The display of your website is fully optimized for all types of different devices. Responsive websites are evaluated prositively by both users and search engines, and tend to have an advantage over classical websites in search result placement.

Cutting edge data optimization

Your website code is minimalized and compressed. All images are stored in a range of sizes for optimal display with respect to different devices. Data optimization and short loading times are not only user-friendly, but also advantaged by search engines.

Explore our templates–see what your website can look like.

template designed for sweet-shop
template designed for model
template designed for trade
template designed for barbershop
template designed for hotel
template designed for wedding invitation

Saywebpage provides websites for over 3000

More and more people turn to Saywebpage for creating their websites every day. Read what they have to say about their experiences below.

„Creating a website is the best investment a young entrepreneur can make“

„For me, Saywebpage is an obvious choice. A quick start with a simple and intuitive content management at minimal expense in comparison to usual made-to-order websites. At the very least, Saywebpage should be considered by up-and-coming companies and start-ups.“

– Petr K., 38 years

„I can fully recommend bulding a website using Saywabpage“

„I first tried Saywebpage when looking for a simple and inexpensive way to make my own website. Now I can safely say I've made the right choice. I can edit my website according to my current needs anytime. The customer support deserves my full appreciation, too.

– Andrej R., 43 years


„To sum it up in in a single word–amazing. Creating a wedding website has helped me greatly with organisation and planning. What's more, our wedding guests were extremelly pleased with the ease of access to information and the photogallery.

– Lucka H., 29 years

Create your eye-catching website today.

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Saywebpage is getting better by the day

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